• Sat, 26 Nov 2016 10:38:30 +0000

    BLACK Weekend Print Shoppe Launch!

    I spent my Friday building an Instagram Print Shoppe and learning a bucket full of interagration tools connecting the commerce to MailChimp and Stripe and beyond. I still have some study and image upload to do, but I’m super happy with the results and I hope you’ll extend some of your BLACK Friday giving and order beautiful custom prints for the Art Lover in your life! Juliet Haas Print Shoppe | BLACK Weekend Launch!: http://eepurl.com/cqwT49

    Juliet Haas Studio
    Take to the Road with your Camera and See…

    www.haasprintshoppe.studio | @mrsjuliethaas | @openshowsacramento

  • Mon, 10 Oct 2016 19:51:44 +0000

    Gold Beach Port 01

    My first image in a long while is featured today on Your Daily Photograph. I could not be more excited.


    Share the email campaign link with anyone who may be interested in collecting photographic works. Your Daily Photograph has an exceptional archive.

    #juliethaasstudio #newwork #yourdailyphotograph #goldbeachport01 #fineartphotography

    Juliet Haas Studio
    Take to the Road with your Camera and See…

    www.juliethaas.studio | @mrsjuliethaas | @openshowsacramento

  • Sun, 09 Oct 2016 18:27:10 +0000

    Portrait of a Dancer


    Trust your instinct, always. Beauty is Real. A quality unearthed in the digging for expression. The moment the created persona falls away to reveal a question and the bodies innate creature takes over the action and the portrait breathes its own life.

    Juliet Haas Studio
    Take to the Road with your Camera and See…

    http://www.juliethaas.studio | @mrsjuliethaas | @openshowsacramento

  • Fri, 07 Oct 2016 04:52:38 +0000

    “Let the Bad Drawing Lie with the Good Drawing” …quote by an Artist

    Tonight I went to the Crocker Art Museum to attend the 7th Installment of Shelly Willis, Director of Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Speaking with Artists Gale Hart and Bryan Valenzuela about their commissioned public installations at Sacramento’s new Golden 1 Center.

    Not knowing what to expect I was absolutely pleased with my experience. The auditorium at the Crocker reminded me of a small Broad Stage in Santa Monica with the speaking engagement similar to the Annenberg Space for Photography’s intimate IRIS Nights. So much of what I have been missing since leaving Los Angeles.

    I never really took into consideration all that goes in to submitting for Public Art, the interview process, winning a contract, budgeting through City Council, design and mock up, working with engineers and fabricators, delivery, the crazy deadlines for installation and the continuing process of presentation and completion even after opening. It was an eye opening conversation and I feel like I actually got an education, which is something I love! Always learning!

    I had been planning this outing for a month since visiting Verge Center for the Arts and my goal was to meet Shelly Willis in person to introduce myself and plug Open Show Sacramento, but that was clearly not what this evening was about. That will happen another time, another place for sure. Tonight was about getting my injection of thought food to reflect and fuel my own process toward whatever new direction my work moves in this place and time.

    So many upcoming goals are on the table through the New Year and beyond I cannot even begin to dissect a map to travel from here to there. It is all going to be flow and ride. Keep pace and don’t let go of the vision of the prize. Plan well and bend with the wind. Exactly what tonight’s Artists describe as their six months since March 2016 from contract to ribbon cutting last Sunday. F’ING whirlwind!

    Even finishing this post is proving endless. My mind is full of idea and my evening is complete.

    Juliet Haas Studio

    www.juliethaas.studio | @juliethaas.studio | @openshowsacramento

  • Wed, 05 Oct 2016 04:11:52 +0000

    I Am Not Sleeping

    Like every blade of grass in the field pictured above my every turn brings new seemingly insurmountable challenge. The affect is a frantic searching for solution when all I can do is begin. Just when the accomplishment of consistency approaches the wind scatters my collection of straw out of reach yet again. My Zen is tested.

    As always I will persevere. I cannot afford to falter, but for tonight I would like to sleep.

    #sleepless #stresskills #overcomingobstacles #givemestrength #journaling #manifestsuccess #nevergiveup #nevergivein #fierceandfearless

    Juliet Haas Studio
    Take to the Road with your Camera and See…

    www.juliethaas.studio | @mrsjuliethaas | @openshowsacramento

  • Tue, 16 Aug 2016 07:53:57 +0000

    Small Vibrant Things


    Tonight, or rather, last night…it is now 12:09a.m., I submitted images to the first Call for Entry I’ve been able to participate in in a very long time. As my creative Self has been starved for breath being removed from friends and the amazing community of Fine Art Photographers in my former life in Los Angeles I have happily continued making images with whatever lens I have in hand. For the past year it has almost been exclusively my iPhone. It is intimate, almost like a secret, and it is unobtrusive, except when my husband whispers in my ear to put the phone down and help with dinner because we have relatives in the house, and it is my instant publisher to my portfolio of choice, Instagram.

    In October 2014 I attended my first ever portfolio review at Medium Festival of Photography in San Diego, and ironically My favorite body of work at the time, which received very good feedback all around, was printed directly from my Instagram account. So this year, as I am not able to attend Medium I have invested my luck and submitted 5 images to Size Matters: A Juried Exhibition Celebrating Small Works. What more appropriate submission than “Small Vibrant Things” framed in a 2 by 2 square. I’ve been so busy working that I just barely uploaded my images and completed the statement and bio in time to hit DONE three minutes before the 11:59p.m. deadline.

    So here we go. I am now a full time office minion at a good corporation, a full time wife and I’ll be carving out whatever time I can to produce Open Show Sacramento and get my JulietHaas.studio time in. My real work tonight began at 9:00p.m. after all the dishes and laundry were done and everyone in the house went to bed. I am officially moonlighting.

  • Sat, 23 Jul 2016 04:14:29 +0000

    Work a Day World

    Shot in Paris at the Seine, 2014.

    So I haven’t worked at a “real” JOB since I resigned from my most loathed position as Personal Executive Assistant in January 2010. Not counting all who came before and after, Two major relationship loves in my life ended at that time – one who died 😞, one I finally woke up from and ended the abuse – from that moment I was free. I turned 40 that year.

    Directly following that “breakthrough” I worked in the round pen with horses, parties with amazing talent at Sundance, traveled to at least 7 foreign countries on yoga and photography workshop retreats (my PASSION!), earned 1500 hours of therapeutic yoga teacher training, booked some great gigs in production, shot more than a dozen Portrait and Wedding jobs, drove for Uber, Acted as Principle in a Verizon Commercial, Assisted other Photographers and I have done my Darn’d-est to become an Entrepreneur while driving myself to near bankruptcy in the process.

    The biggest adventure of all has been learning who I Am. And LOVE. I’m Married now! A gift we give one another every day. One I never imagined in my wildest dreams would happen for me!

    I’ve met amazing people and made lifelong connections, I’ve lost friends I loved dearly and I’ve abandoned people for no reason, I’ve made huge mistakes and humiliated myself over and over and over again in my naïveté and refusal to “wake up.” I’ve let great loves slip through my fingers and I’ve battled drug abuse and depression. I’ve won awards for my photographic images, I’ve triumphed and I’ve failed.

    Ultimately, I have discovered that I really, really like my Self despite all that I would go back and re-do, if only I could.

    I don’t have any complaints. My Dream is to be a successful Fine Art Photographer banking $$$ on my vision. That is top on my list for sure. Still. I want to build that awesome Off-Grid underground Eco-Mansion I posted a few days ago and I don’t yet know how to fly the helicopter that will whisk me hither-to-and-there to meet my fabulous friends at their gigs and baby showers and to my next photo-op in Iceland.

    Yes, I can Dream. And if I have my day, it will BE.

    Until then.

    The best day of your life is today!

  • Sun, 26 Jun 2016 05:35:32 +0000

    “The Line of Violence, Where the Sun Hits…”

    My husband and I went to Pops in The Park tonight. I’ve been stuck in the house all week with visiting family and glued to the computer pouring every ounce of focus into the resume submitting game. A loathsome process and I was feeling utterly exasperated. Between my edges and his week of massive headaches we made for not such a fun pair. So we each made ourselves ready and braved the heater outdoors and ventured to Glenn Hall at River Park.

    It was one of those hot days, yes, the heater outdoors, when the wind hits you with a sweat and you feel like your tank top is just too much clothing to be wearing. The air is dense, the sun blinding, and Jeff’s quote I’m stealing, ” The line of Violence, where the Sun Hits,” is where the crowd separates from the field of grass. Children seem impervious to this and a dozen or more run around kicking balls and chasing each other. A few parents helicopter. It’s a people watching glory hole.

    The music pretty much sucked. And all the groups sitting around us with their varied food smells was just stinky. For some reason I’ve been keenly sensitive to food and smells lately with a mood to match. My violence tells me for certain that I need to this week start making concerted efforts to get the hell out of the house and explore the Sacramento in camera mode and to make new friends tout sweet.

    This must somehow happen immediately, like I need a job immediately, or I fear my Jeff and I may crab each other into a different sort of laughter not for faint ears. For now our hour sitting in the park cured three days of the blue in my heart. I’m thinking to start my mornings with walking around the neighborhood before the heat begins. Jeff says to take the dog too, but I don’t know if I’m ready to test his big dog mettle and minding me with his Papa not around. No one will approach me for sure.

    With that I will end this journal and put myself to bed. Good night.


  • Sat, 18 Jun 2016 04:18:57 +0000

    My Life as a Wife


    Sacramento has been good to me. I moved here with my fiancé and now I am his wife. I have only worked as a photographer, which I will continue, if I can. My physical person is looking healthy and I don’t recognize her. I find myself feeling vulnerable realizing accepting love is the hardest job I’ve had to date.

    As I build my new world around me, and being domesticated, I watch. A feral cat put to pasture. I watch the dog and he and I learn to abide. I watch the garden as it grows and I weed it and photograph it. I watch the computer screen for hours job hunting and revamping my much aged resume and website. I change my text to reflect my new Self.

    It is an interesting journey. The past seeps its way in between the crevices where I attempt to hold breath. It interrupts, briefly. I yearn for friendships 359 miles south of my location, and dance music and parties and the life of the night. I long to feel the rhythm and taste the waking sunshine after being aroused all night in wild surroundings.

    Most of all I think about what I can do now to create something from nothing to resemble what I once had, in a new way. In a way that is not destructive. In a way that affirms successful relationship and generates sustainable energy. Something I can include my husband in. To pull my own weight and not be supported. I wait and I trust. It will happen.

    I am doing the work. I am devoting countless hours to the cause so the effect is benefit. But this week has been hard. Two bogus interviews, one fantastic resume rewrite, gifted. One substantial interview, fruitless, and a putting aside of attachment to fear to make a connection with a former teacher I have been avoiding for over a year.

    The one thing that stands above it all is LOVE. Whatever this journey is that I am on is not a threat in any way to my new husband. I lay thinking during a moment of intimacy this lovely, cool date night how nice it is to be touched by someone who actually really loves me. Vulnerability overtook my senses. I became uncomfortable and closed. Chattering in my mind telling me my body is no longer my own.

    I have never liked being touched. I have never liked being naked. A tragedy really. We shall see how that unfolds. Because it will. My belly and my thighs do not seem my own in their new girth. My husband likes it. I feel good and I feel heavy. Grounded. Now my task is to learn to appreciate.

    This adventure is not my old life. My deeply unhappy life filled with exciting adventures and amazing people. This is my life as a wife. A wife with a home and a garden and a dog and respect.

    This is my new life. I am a wife. I create.

  • Fri, 03 Jun 2016 02:35:34 +0000

    Evenings in the Garden

    Every day around this time, I’d say 630p.m., a fat red robin dances through our garden grubbing just after the husband waters and I weed. He keeps his beak perked up in my direction as he frolics but goes about his business as I watch. He is lovely. A small gray bird I don’t recognize sat on the wires above singing while robin circled the tomato and squash this afternoon. As if robin has spread the word there is good stuff happening here. My sentiments exactly.

    I am gradually getting into a flow with my new domestic life and I have been asked on many occasions if I like that fact, and, yes, I do. After a full day of mental work changing internet profile names and updating links, submitting my resume to numerous job boards and making calls, visiting potential venues for production projects and my usual time sucking social media dusk is my time to get my hands dirty and zen out with the weeds that grow amazingly overnight. Instead of being glued to the chopping prep of tonight’s meal I am blogging. Thank you husband!

    As I read the financial world news in the current issue of Fortune and consider the possibilities of my next adventure, launching, finally, Open Show Sacramento and rebranding and editing my photography website to get my dormant business off the ground, I can only thank my stars for the direction things are moving for me in my life. A fantastic husband who loves and adores me in ways I have never experienced, a lovely home we have created together, renewed friendships and new relationships to build and a sense of confidence I have only held high as the prize in past endeavors.

    Grow, garden, grow!


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