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In the City

Not all of us live in a City, but I’m certain most of us have at one time in our lives crossed the threshold from moutainous terrain, or embarked on a desert adventure, and slowly re-entered an awe inspiring landscape of buildings and activity unfold from that place of silence before your eyes.

It can be a striking transformation of emotion to witness a skyline of glass and metal highrise against a pre-dawn mountain backdrop with thick black clouds flowing across the scene after a solid night of rain. It heightens the senses and quickens ones pulse to descend through the clouds on a flight into a sea of glittering lights and streams of movement below, and it has always made me feel HOME.

Whatever The City means to you, that jaw dropping black shadow across gleaming asphalt and a rush of pedestrians downtown, a fantastic grafitti’d mural setting the tone of an architectural environment, wild neon reflecting into a public fountain at midnight, the construction of the new and modern invading an old neighborhood, or an out of place object set against a Boardwalk Beach, We want to see it.

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